Health Benefits

Why use Porcelain

100% Chemical & Corrosion Free

Have you ever realize why drinks will have a distinct taste after you have left it sitting in your mug or tumbler after some time? This is due to the chemical reaction and metal leaching that causes it to be that way. However, with porcelain, you can leave your drinks as long as you need to because it is BPA free and causes no metal leaching and chemical reactions to your drinks!

100% Chemical & Corrosion Free

Drinks such as coffee, tea, and milk can cause chemical reactions when comes into contact with stainless steel due to its acidic and corrosive components, causing an after-taste effect and odour changes to your drinks. With porcelain, you can enjoy any of your favourite beverages without having to worry about metal leaching and chemical reactions!

Special Features

No Stain. No Smell

Having trouble scrubbing off that stubborn coffee or oat stains and getting rid of the smell from your tumbler or mug? Porcelain will solve all that! With its fine smooth surface, it is easier to get rid of those problems!

Good for Hot and Cold

Made from the highest grade exterior stainless steel, its unique construction technology provides a vacuum insulation which prevents heat from escaping externally, helping to preserve your hot or cold food and beverages for 3 to 5 hours!

Crafted with Love

The process of manufacturing porcelain takes patience as well as skill. Even the smallest amount of water can change its texture. All SWANZ products are skillfully crafted by our skilled craftsmanship with the most innovative designs, providing you a variety of sizes and designs to choose from that suits your personality and lifestyle!