5 Shades of Style

Choose Your Colour
Magnum Bottle comes in five trendy colors: Beige, Mint, Blue, Black, and Purple. Express your style and stand out in a crowd.


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Revolutionary Features of Modern Lifestyle

Explore Magnum’s brilliant features
designed to elevate your beverage experience.

Base Breakthrough

Say goodbye to dirt traps
with Magnum’s revolutionary detachable base,
making cleaning a breeze.


Built on porcelain expertise, Magnum redefines durability with

A+PLUS Ceramic Coating

Ensuring that it’s not only unbreakable but also easy to clean, leaving no stains or odors, thanks to an extra protective layer of porcelain glaze. Suitable for all types of beverages including acidic and alkaline.

Enhance Your Magnum Tumbler

Discover the Perfect Accessories

Titanium Strainer

Material: Titanium
W 5.5cm x H 5.8cm

A Strainer That Elevates Your Sips.
Upgrade your Magnum with the tempting titanium strainer accessory. Whether you prefer loose leaf tea, freshly ground coffee, or fresh fruit infusions, the titanium strainer ensures that every sip is a delightful moment of refreshment.

Straw Cap

Material: PP & BPA-Free Silicone
W 4.5cm x H 20cm


Upgrade Your Sips with Convenience.
This clever accessory features an integrated straw, allowing you to savor your preferred drinks effortlessly. Just a gentle press of your thumb, and the PP Straw gracefully emerges from the cap. Rest assured, the lower straw is crafted from safe and eco-friendly BPA-free silicone.

Choose your Drinking Style

Gulp or Sip?
The Choice is yours!

Gulp for Goodness
When it’s time for your favorite HOT beverages, Magnum’s unique design allows you to enjoy every drop directly from the porcelain rim. Taste the full authenticity of your coffee, tea, or herbal drinks without any interference.

Sip with Style
For those who prefer a CHILLED brew or a refreshing COLD drink, Magnum offers a convenient BPA-free straw cap. Sip at your own pace and experience the delight of your chosen beverage without missing a beat.

Journey-Ready Design

Ready for the Road: Magnum’s Travel-Friendly Form
Magnum is engineered for the adventurer, from easy handling to car-friendly dimensions.

Vacuum Insulation

The vacuum point has been upgraded with advanced technology,
allowing the Magnum Bottle to maintain long-lasting thermal insulation and cooling functions unaffected by the bottom detachable structure.

Suitable for All Lifestyle

Versatile Excellence
Magnum is your ideal companion, whether you’re sipping a latte at your cozy morning breakfast or quenching your thirst on a rugged outdoor adventure. 
Its vacuum insulation ensures your beverages stay hot or cold, and its shatterproof design guarantees durability in any setting.

Early Bird Promo

40% OFF + FREE Accessories!
RM 299 (NP: RM 495)
  • Magnum Bottle
  • FREE Straw Cap (NP: RM 45)
  • FREE Titanium Stainer (NP: RM35)