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Porcelain was first originated in China in the 17th century.

It was also called china or fine china as an alternative name to porcelain.

When Chinese porcelain was first introduced to Europe, they were enthralled by its delicate beauty that it became a popular pottery demand compared to the stoneware and earthenware at that time. Not only was it delicate and elegant, but the strength and its translucency of its white colour of purity has a high resistance of thermal shock, impact and chemical reactions.

Soon, the Europeans vigorously sought to create their recipe for porcelain. After investing in a lot of manpower and resources, the Europeans finally invented high quality soft paste porcelain made out of clay and frit by adding soapstone and line into the compositions.

Due to its difficult manufactured process, the porcelain is Euro aristocracy dedicated, and is mainly targeted for the wealthy, powerful, and privilege ruling class. Even today, porcelain is still being associated with authority and status. It is the world recognized luxury and superior creations.

Fast forward to today, with the inspiration to preserve the functionality, usage, and the benefits of porcelain, Swanz was finally introduced in Singapore in 2009 with the aim to educate and promote the health benefits of using porcelain to consumers.

With more than 1,000 designs and sizes, and serving to over 500,000 homes in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and more, Swanz provides health goers a healthy solution for their everyday lifestyle. Not only does it provide the best chemical and toxic-free solution for all food and beverages consumption, it is also one of the most economical and environmental safety to the earth and society.

To ensure the quality and safety of our products, Swanz technology is patented in Japan. All Swanz products undergoes the Singapore Test Services to make sure all of our products are using only the best quality materials and are free from harmful chemicals. SWANZ ensures that all of its products are safe and are made with the highest quality standard.

Each time a person uses Swanz, they are choosing a quality lifestyle. They are not only leading a wise and healthier choice, they are also doing their part as a responsible consumer to help save Mother Nature! In Swanz, we honour our mission to educate the gift of health to all our consumers. One consumer at a time. This is our health story. What about yours? What will your health story be?